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Vishnu Temple Bangkok

Hindu Dharma Sabha
(Shree Vishnu Temple)

A glimpse


For centuries, India and Thailand have religious and cultural relationship of brother hood.

The Hindus from Utter Pradesh formulate the "HINDU-DHARMA SABHA" in the year 1915 and in 1920 "SHREE VISHNU TEMPLE" was built.

Under auspices of this centre, the "NOVE YUWAK SANGH" started Library and HINDI PATHSHALA also. The Library is serving to the society very usefully and now deserves expansion and support.

As the disciples began to grow in large numbers, The SABHA constructed separate temples to the LORD SHIVA, SHREE HANUMAN JI and DURGA JI.

The SABHA also felt urgent need of a cremation ground and allotted its own land for the same .The cremation ground used for all different communities for the religious sites of the society.

The new generation of the Hindus renovated the principle temple of lord Vishnu in the year 2000; the selfless, untiring and relentless efforts of new generation enable the SABHA to have a magnificent new Temple of Lord Vishnu in place of the old one.

It was indeed a happy occasion to the proud and joyful when Her Royal Highness Princess Maha Chakri Sirindhorn laid the first foundation stone of the new SHREE VISHNU TEMPLE.

It is in the fitness of the relations, a matter of pride and joy that there exists complete understanding, unreserved affection and the spirit of the brotherhood between SANATAN HINDU community and the BUDDHIST society.

The Hindu Dharma Sabha and Shree Vishnu Temple is very powerful and effective centre of linking the two societies in Thailand and enthusing common cultural and religious brotherhood.

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